Marrakech: Historical and Cultural Tour

Discover the culture of Marrakech through various historical districts of the city.
Visit colorful souks with tinsmiths, dyers, herbalists’ stalls and workshops.

Marrakech-an eleventh century city-has got an old history and rich culture. As a very cosmopolitan city, where the past and the present, the old and the new, are mixed together, has got so much to offer. Check the main sites which consist of:

  • The Koutoubia mosque (12th century)
  • The Saadian Tombs(16th century)
  • The Bahia Palace (19th century)
  • Jema El Fna Square(or the Big Square)-a unique place where you will see snake charmers, musicians, comedians, etc- a place which is active everyday, and more animated during the evenings

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